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Technology Assessment


A Technology Assessment (TA) by Lakeside Computers is an in-depth look at your entire computer network. Just like when your dentist takes an x-ray of your teeth to see past work and future needs, our TA analyzes your computer network with a fine tooth comb. We’ll discuss how you use your network, what you like and don’t like about, and how you’d like to see it improved. After that, one of our skilled engineers will diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your system. He’ll also look at what opportunities exist in your current set-up that can be utilized to improve the health of your system and what vulnerabilities threaten the integrity of your network. Once our engineer has finished the TA he will sit down with you to review our findings and make suggestions to improve the way you use your IT.

We use the Technology Assessment in much the same way the dentist uses the x-ray. We will help identify and prioritize which of your network’s issues are in need of a critical response (like a cavity) and what can be done to keep things running smoothly (like regular checkups).

Network Security


Is your business’s computer network secure? Before you answer take a moment to ask yourself this question: “Is my company’s data protected from external threats as well as internal ones?” Your data and your network are your company’s lifeblood and if it isn’t protected properly it could mean the downfall of your business and the lives of your employees. Are you confident that you have the correct pieces in place? If not, then a Computer Network Security Audit from Amnet may be for you.

What is a Computer Network Security Audit?

A security audit looks at every aspect of your IT security – from the hardware to the security policies. Some of the questions we’ll attempt to answer are:

  • Are the passwords difficult to crack?
  • Does your network implement access control lists to restrict who has access to sensitive information?
  • Do you have a firewall in place? Is it set up properly?
  • Are the security settings for your operating system in line with industry standards?
  • What kind of data backup system is in place? Are the proper protocols being followed?

Backup & Data Recovery


Natural Disaster, Local Disaster, Hardware Failure, Human Error; What would you do in the event of data loss?

Can You Answer These Three Questions?

  1. Can I access and restore all critical business data in my employees’ possession?
  2. Is my business data protected against accidental loss or malicious acts ?
  3. In case of disaster, can I access critical business data at another location and on different hardware?

A recent study discovered that, of companies experiencing a “major loss” of computer records, 43% never reopened, 51% closed within two years of the loss, and a mere 6% survived over the long-term. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in particular, these statistics suggest the necessity of crafting a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) strategy grounded in a robust data backup and recovery solution.

Lakeside Computers Data Protection Plan (DPP)

With the Data Protection Plan by Lakeside Computers, data is kept both onsite and remotely. Data snapshots are taken twice daily, eliminating the possibility of losing a day’s worth of work. In the event of hardware failure, our solution allows us to recover your data, sometimes, in less than an hour. We then restore to dissimilar hardware again in under an hour, allowing your business to remain up and running with minimal interruptions.

  • A complete solution that is designed to reduce any server down time with the use of a specialized back up plan and storage appliance
  • Allows near real-time backups-as frequent as every 15 minutes
  • Offers offsite storage at an affordable cost
  • Provides a low cost, speedy disaster recovery process
  • Data is encrypted so it is not accessible to anyone, on-site of off, without the passkey
  • Eliminates the cost and time of managing on-site tape backup. We monitor and manage the entire process
  • All costs included – on site backups, secure remote storage, data validation, and 24×7 management of the entire process are bundled at a price that is less than the cost of buying and managing unreliable tape backup solutions.

Complete Network Management



Your IT Department, Lakeside Computers, knows that today’s businesses depend heavily on technology resources. We also know that this dependence needs to be managed, maintained and maximized so that companies can focus on running their day-to-day business effectively. That’s where we can help. We are the leading provider of computer networking services in North Eastern Alberta.

We firmly believe that technology should empower your business not cripple it, which is why we don’t just fix computers, we offer real solutions at affordable prices. We offer a total IT solution that is customized to the needs of the small/medium and growing business and is delivered in an “all inclusive” solution. This gives your business the competitive edge that it deserves!

You no longer have to worry about exceeding your budget because your computers are not working or your e-mail is down. Lakeside Computers is there to make sure everything keeps working, as it should, without the worry of an hourly fee. Unlike the traditional “pay per hour” service plan, the Lakeside Computers “all inclusive” Maintenance Agreement program provides:

  • Unlimited service calls per month by certified IT professionals The ability to eliminate unexpected IT service bills by providing a consistent payment plan that allows customers to focus on the business at hand.
  • Peace of mind knowing that in-house resources are not being strained and IT issues are being addressed in a timely and professional manner.
  • A partnership with the client where it is in the best interest of Lakeside Computers to do proactive maintenance to prevent unexpected service calls thereby saving precious time and money by being proactive rather than reactive
  • Instant access to highly trained professionals and technologies to provide the best possible services usually only available to large corporations with extensive IT budgets.
  • Management tools that monitor events on a 24/7/365 basis that could lead to future IT issues allowing delivery of services quickly and efficiently.
  • Includes an anti-virus and anti-spam solution for every user on your network.
  • Inclusive billing – the majority of our clients’ needs are included in one monthly bill that doesn’t fluctuate from month-to-month.  Our rule of thumb is:  If the word “fix” is in the service ticket then it’s included.  If the word “new” is in the service ticket than it isn’t included.   Your monthly service fee is based upon the number of servers and desktops on your network and the level of service you select and our maintenance plan is virtually all-inclusive. Every month you’ll know exactly what’s covered and what to expect on your bill.